The purpose of Conversation Partner is to help international students improve their Japanese skills (especially in speaking) through daily conversations with the students of Keio once a week.
      Reading a textbook is surely important. But don’t you want to make some close Japanese friends and know the “real” Japanese they are using everyday?
      Those international students taking part in Conversation Partner are not only having fun but also doing well in class since they have more opportunities to talk with native speakers.
      So why don’t you join us and make your life in Japan a truly fulfilling experience? We are all waiting for your participation!!

Application period  : April 17th ~ 24th
Start from May 11th to July 12th

((Frequently Asked Questions))
Q. How can I make an application for Conversation Partner?
A. Please sign up for this program from this application form
by April 24th.  You can submit your application through that website using the application form (highly recommend).If you cannot understand how to do, you can also apply with handwritten form at KOSMIC room during lunchtime from April 17th to 24th.

Q. When and where do we have the Conversation Partner meetings?
A. Conversation Partner is held either in Mita or Hiyoshi. You can choose the place, date and time of the meetings. Please write it in the application form.

Q. How many people are in a group?
A. Usually there will be two international students and two Japanese students.

KOSMIC room→South Building in Mita campus, B1, next to the International Center
If you have a question, feel free to tell us! <

Miharu Ayata and Kodai Hukuda are in charge