~Edo-Tokyo Museum &Sumo Stadium tour~

Let’s visit the Edo-Tokyo museum? This museum is the most enjoyable museum in Tokyo.

And this museum is located close to Sumo stadium. We can also see Sumo stadium.         


日時 Date        613日(土曜日) June, 13th Saturday

スケジュール Schedule                                      

                     15:3017:30 江戸東京博物館見学  Visit the Edo Tokyo museum

                     17;45 国技館見学  Visit a Sumo museum                             

                     18;0020;00 食事会  Dinner     


集合  Meeting           15時 JR両国駅西口

15:00 @ JR Ryogoku station West exit


参加費 Fee    博物館見学のみ 200            Only visiting Museum: 200yen                                             食事会              各自負担   Dinner: PYOW


参加申し込みは611日までに下記のメールアドレスにメールをしてください。                                 申込の際、名前、食事会参加の有無を書いてください。                                  



To join this tour, please send an e-mail to following address by June 11th.

When you sign up, please indicate "your NAME "and "with dinner or without dinner"                                    Sakiko

              (You can also feel free to ask any questions.)

        * How to get the Ryogoku station?                                      

 From Tamachi・・JR Yamanote line Change trains at Akihabara station     Take JR Sobu line (for Chiba) ⇒Get off at Ryogoku station


The Edo-Tokyo Museum was founded on March 28, 1993, as the place, where visitors come to learn more about Tokyo’s history and culture, and which also serves as a projection onto the city and the living of the future. In the Permanent Exhibition area, there can be found original and replicated exhibits, as well as large-scale models, faithful representations of their originals, which have been reproduced after painstaking investigations and research.

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