Conversation Partner
  Conversation Patner is the main activity of KOSMIC. It purposes to help international students with their Japanese skills improvement. International students and Japanese students will talk in Japanese in pairs once a week. The topic and the place are up to you. We received favorable reviews about this program!
  We advertise for the entry at the begining of the each semester.

Speech Contest
すぴこん1.jpg  すぴ2.jpg
  KOSMIC coordinates the Speech Contest, which international students compete their Japanese skill and the content of speeches in Japanese. The theme of last year's contest was "Japan and I". The nine students who passed the trial heat made speeches at the public speaking hall "Mita Enzetsu-Kan" in Mita Campus. "Mita Enzetsu-Kan", a national important cultural property, is the first lecture hall in Japan. This contest came to the 23rd times last year.

Welcome Party
ぱ1.jpg  ぱ2.jpg
  We hold Welcome Party twice a year (spring&fall) at Mita Campus for the new students of Japanese Language Program. New students might be nervous, so we would like them to be fun and open up at the party.
Besides this party, we hold many international parties.

Guidance, Campus Tour
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  We help International Center with the Guidance for the new students of Japanese Language Proglam. It's held twice a year (spring&fall). At the Guidance, we offer the various imformation about uni life, and also help the new students to have nice uni life (e.g. introducing the club actibities, campus tour).

Soukeisen (Baseball Game of Waseda vs Keio)
  Soukeisen is the big baseball event aginst Waseda held twice a year (spring&fall). 
We go to the game and cheer Keio with international students.

Christmas Party
くりぱ1.jpg  くりぱ2.jpg
  At the nice pub or club, we have Christmas party! It's the biggest party we hold.
  International students and Japanese students enjoy themselves together.

Other Events
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  We hold various kind of events several times a year.
For example, international food parties, bowling game events, making 'uchiwa'(Jpn fan) parties, the Star Festival, tours of Odaiba etc.

Sports Event
  We hold Futsal events sometimes. Let's play sports and be healthy!
Biginner, girls...anyone is welcome!

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